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About Us

A small local business founded by twins sisters Jasmine and Jerlene in 2018, who are extremely dedicated and passionate in promoting a healthy eating culture to the JB community. First started as a Poké Bowl specialised cafe, the team has expanded with Co-Founder, Boo joining the force to bring the business to a new height. 

Poké Twins offers a well-balanced, nutritious and filling bowl that consists of grains or salads , vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, toppings, proteins and flavourful dressings. It is simply healthy, flavourful and guilt-free comfort food for everyone who loves eating healthy.


The Go-to Place for Health Enthusiasts

Poké Twins provides a wide array of healthy food products, specialising in Poke & Grain Bowls, Nori Tacos and Bagels. Opened in 2018 in Johor Bahru, making it one of the first poké bar in the turf. Poké Twins also being one of the first to introduce the "build-your-own" concept in Johor Bahru.

Nourishing the Community since 2018


We're unequivocal future-focused where we keep growing and reimagining how ourselves show up in the community. Nothing will stop us in continuing to promote a healthy eating highlights of our city, and to nourish our people with good, hearty and healthy foods.

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Meet The Team

"My desire to start a healthy food cafe and inspire others to eat healthy is so powerful that they live in the deepest part of me"

- Jasmine

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