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Our Bowl

Poké Bowls / Grain Bowls definitely are making healthy eating sexy again. The variety of colours, textures and flavours in these bowls makes them far more interesting than a plain and bland green salad. 


A fun way of adding in your vegetables and enjoying a balanced, nutritious meal, our bowls are a great example of the "Eating Healthy and Eating Balance", which half the bowl  is made up of vegetables / fruits, a quarter carbohydrates and a quarter protein, making it a healthy, nutritious and balanced meal.



Our Base

Our bowl will usually start off by choosing a type of base. Either salad or grains make an excellent base because they are great in soaking up flavours, they are the foundation while also adding some hearty nutrients to the meal.


Our Dressings

We spoil our customers with choices when it comes to dressings. Hot, sweet, sour, light - we have it all. Our dressings enhance every bowls, turning them magical in taste and flavour !



Our Side Dishes

Consider one of the most important source on nutrients,  our side dishes section give customers the flexibility to combine both hot and cold side dish into their bowl.


Our cold side dishes are mainly fresh cut vegetables and fruits, while the hot side dishes use  intentional processes like roasting, baking and light stir fry.


Our Proteins

Protein is probably the most important step in our bowl building process. Our protein choices ranging from sashimi grade salmon (both raw or seared), barramundi fillet, chicken, beef, unagi, tofu, mushrooms. Our salmon (Poké) is directly imported fresh from Norway weekly, and it has been one of our best selling protein since 2018 due to its freshness and rich in nutrients !


Explore our "Build Your Own Bowl"

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