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​Poke Twins Group

''Savouring Communities through Culinary Passion since 2018''

As a Group, we take pride in our diverse range of F&B brands, each offering its own unique culinary journey for our cherished community.

We uphold our core values of

  • Integrity

  • Responsibility

  • Empathy &

  • Passion


in everything we do. As a dedicated team, we believe that these values are the guiding principles that shape every aspect of our culinary journey. These values form the bedrock of our commitment as we continue to connect and savour the community through the love of good food.

Our Vision & Mission:

To be innovative, pushing culinary boundaries and creating experiences that resonate with our community, bringing people together through the joy of good food. Our mission is to nourish, connect, and savour the people of our vibrant community.

Explore Our Brands:


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